Radish Update

Garden Blog Seed Date 5-13-20

The weather has been terrible for planting most seeds right now but my radishes are loving it. I have two rows now, spread out by 7 days and plan to plant a third since the spinach and spring onions aren’t coming up.

I’ll post some pictures today if I can. I’ve been battling sinus issues, which is common with my cleft palate (birth defect) and there is no need for concern, I don’t have Covid19.

Any of you who have been following my gardening blog know I have a few years of leaves and overgrown brush I’m dealing with and I’m making progress. Unfortunately when the weather acts up I tend to fall behind.

I was feeling pretty bad about myself, since this Pandemic has us all locked up at home, there’s no excuse for me not to have my yard and house in ship-shape, right? Wrong, the stress brought on by this change in lifestyle, restrictions, constant news broadcasts and uncertainty about the future has all of us on edge.

If you’re not accomplishing all you set out to do, don’t beat yourself up for it. Give yourself credit for what you do, take a step back and allow for breaks, then get right back up on the horse as soon as you can. It’s important not to judge and punish ourselves but it is equally important not to quit!

So like the little radishes that keep going despite Mother Nature and her tantrums lately, I will keep plugging away and knocking down the weeds in my yard and my life.

Happy Gardening!

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