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Colonial Beach News is a different kind of news site. Like the town it’s named after the news posted here is laid back.

Once in a while things get a little heated but for the most part I post as I see fit.

I’ll bring you news as it relates to this small river town. News that is relevant to residents, property owners and visitors.

Perhaps you just came to read about a small beach town, to see how the fish are biting, learn how to pick a blue crab or learn some gardening or cooking techniques from me.

Whatever your reason for being here, I’m glad you stopped by.

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During this time of uncertainty I have had to work several jobs to pay the bills so reporting has been scarce since my efforts are dedicated to working in other areas.

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Welcome to Colonial Beach News.

Colonial Beach is a small beach town along the Potomac River. Its population is below 5000 and although it’s small it has its own government, school system and police station.

Colonial Beach has its share of characters and its ups and downs. But the people who live and visit here love this little town.

If you’re looking for a quiet out of the way small town atmosphere Colonial Beach is a the perfect destination. With small town bars and restaurants, a long public beach and boardwalk to stroll on and a plethora of Marinas, you’re sure to find something appealing about this little town.

NOTE: Currently the beaches are open for everything 7 days a week.

Social distancing is encouraged by Beach Ambassadors.

Click here to learn more about Colonial Beach.