Travelers should reduce their speed and drive with caution this morning as roads may be slick, especially on roads carrying lighter traffic, and on bridges, overpasses and ramps
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – Motorists will find clear roads across the Fredericksburg area, Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula this morning, but caution is still urged for drivers due to below-freezing temperatures that may create icy patches on the road surface.
Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) crews remained on duty overnight to patrol roads and apply salt to address icing as needed. Interstate 95 has been treated ahead of the morning commute, and crews continue to circulate on primary and high-volume secondary roads to watch for slick surfaces. However, even on treated roads, icy patches are still possible.
Allow additional travel time this morning. Reduce your vehicle speed, and leave extra space between vehicles to increase your reaction time. Increase your braking distance.
Be especially cautious when traveling on bridges, overpasses and ramps. Ice will form more quickly on these surfaces because air can circulate above and below the surface of the road, causing the temperature to drop more rapidly.
Ice may also be more likely to form in shaded areas, on roads carrying lighter traffic volumes, and along hills and curves.

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