School Policy Review: Breastfeeding on School Property Allowed & E-cigs Not

From time to time the VSBA (Virginia School Board Association) adds, revises, rewrites or removes school policies at the state level to ensure school policies follow State Codes.

Some times these policy changes help school officials to keep up with changing times and ensure the best possible school experience for students and staff.

Colonial Beach, like other localities, continually monitor these changes and vote to update their polices to match those of the State.

At the Regular February 14 meeting the school board approved several policies. Some may be new, some revised or some rewritten. Here is a review of one or more of those policies.

School Policy Review: Breastfeeding on School Property Allowed & E-cigs Not

By Linda Farneth

Policies # CBEF/JHCL and JHCL/GBEF (LACTATION SUPPORT) are identical but they are placed in different sections to ensure maximum compliance.

The policy states,

“The superintendent shall designate a non-restroom location in each school as an area in which any mother who is employed by the Colonial Beach School Board or enrolled as a student in the division may take breaks of reasonable length during the school day to express milk to feed her child until the child reaches the age of one. The area must be shielded from public view.”

The Virginia Department of Health says, “Breastfeeding is the nutritional standard…

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