CBYAA Grand Champions In Cheer For Charity Event

CBYAA Grand Champions In Cheer For Charity Event

By Linda Farneth

Colonial Beach Youth Athletic Association cheerleaders have won Grand Champion Status in Charity for Cheer event.

Jenifer Grigsby, former Colonial Beach High School Principal is now Cheer Director for the Colonial Beach Youth Athletic Association.

The CBYAA Cheer Team has competed for the third year in a row in competition cheering. Jenifer Grigsby said, prior to her her coming onboard the Cheer Team only supported the Colonial Beach Football teams when they played. “When I came onboard I added the competitive nature of it.”

Grigsby said, “I oversee both teams, coach, and choreograph the competition routine.”

The first season the group entered one competition, the second year the group competed in two and this season the team competed in three. Grigsby told the Colonial Beach Town Council at their Febuary meeting, “This was our best season by far.”

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We competed in our first competition at the Richmond Classic at the Richmond Convention Center and they won first place in their division. (Tradition Recreational Youth)

Grigsby announced their wins on their official facebook page. She wrote, “Congratulations to our CBYAA cheerleaders for their tremendous performance today at the Cheer for Charity event in Baltimore, MD! The team was named Champions in their Youth Level 1 division of five teams, Champions of all 11 Level 1 recreation teams, and Grand Champions out of all 17 traditional recreation teams covering Levels 1-3. We are so proud of you for all of your hard work and effort! Congratulations on your undefeated season! ?? #DrifterPride #TheWorkIsWorthIt

Here is a video posted of their latest competition where they won Grand Champions.

CBYAA Competes For Grand Champions

Grigsby said the team works very hard and they get a lot of tough love from her and their two coaches, Madison Gorfida and Brooke Payne, that work with them.

“They really respond well and they show their character day in and day out whether it’s cheer-leading, at school or out in the community.”

Grigsby said most teams in the Northern Neck only provide sideline support, “We compare ourselves to some of the other recreation teams that we compete against, the cost for those cheerleaders to do their programs is around $1000.00 a year. We only charge our cheerleaders $100.00 for the season. Our families fund-raise with the support of our community. So we are extremely grateful to our community for supporting us as well as our families for all the work that they put in.”

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