Ladder sitting near house.

Getting Ready For Winter

I’ve recently taken down my above ground pool. Yes I made plenty of videos and will be posting a blog on pool setup, maintenance and take down soon. I want to put it all in one blog post to keep things neat and tidy.

Next I’m working on removing neglected overgrowth and raking leaves, closing my gardens and clearing my yard of summer debris. I want to know what’s trapped under the snow when winter hits.

I’m also going around my house, winterizing it. No I’m not leaving, but I like to have my windows clean, storm windows closed properly and check for leaks around windows to make sure they’re caulked properly.


I’m going on the roof to clear falling branches and leaves to avoid possible roof leaks and I’m clearing junk from around the base of my house.

I’ll be closing vents to the crawl space for the winter and checking roof vents as well.

I’ll be sharing my wintering tips with you and feel free to share with me anything you think of that I’ve left out. Let’s all get ready for winter together. Working with friends is always more fun that working alone.


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