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Colonial Beach News Advertising

To advertise one full page ad (provided by your business)  on all platforms for 7 days costs $50.00.

Sponsor an article: $100.00

If you sponsor an article it will be open to the public and will announce your sponsorship at the top of the article.

A banner ad will be placed in the middle of the article and full box ad will be placed below.

The ad banner and sponsorship announcement remains with the article as long as it is posted. (indefinitely)

Combine sponsorship and full ad (one week) $125.00

Video sponsorship: $500.00 for life of video.

We often produce videos covering non-profit activities or event coverage.

If you wish to sponsor one of our news videos give us a call.

Video sponsorship includes an announcement to your sponsorship within all platforms it is shared on, for the first week.

Sponsorship will be embedded in the video (under Colonialbeachnews watermark) and a slide/image advertisement (provided by your business) will be embedded at the beginning and end of the video.

Ads are non refundable. (All adds must be reviewed before they will be posted. If there are any errors after review we will rerun the correct ad)

If you wish to have us design your ad email to discuss layouts and rates.

To advertise with us send us an email at or