Resident Resources

The Resident Resources page is a growing section of Colonial Beach News.

Here you will find much needed information for residents and people interested in buying property here.

This section will list all government contacts needed as a resident, important information about Colonial Beach such as land use maps, flood plains, guidance for purchasing insurance, typical weather and other natural events to expect in the area and anything else we find useful to property owners.

Here you’ll find what natural weather and geological occurrences you can expect, where frequently heard noises may be coming from, what local sirens mean and where to sign up for emergency notices.


Find articles with information on how to obtain vehicle decals and what advantages decals entitle you to, what types of permits are needed for things like yard sales, installing pools or patios, fence guidelines etc.


For Information on Shelters in Colonial Beach and Westmoreland County click here: Where Are The Local Shelters