July 4th In Colonial Beach


Colonial Beach is pretty famous for spectacular fireworks shows.

People come from miles around to enjoy the day at Colonial Beach on July 4th. Each year depending on weather conditions the tiny Beach is inundated with Visitors.

The crowds are so big that the local Colonial Beach Police Department asks for help from County and State officials for traffic control.

Many of the surrounding localities’ law enforcement are very nice and lend a hand.

When you arrive in Colonial Beach you will most likely enter on the main street leading into town called Colonial Ave. From there you will be directed East towards the boardwalk area.


Law enforcement and volunteers will be on hand to direct visitors to parking, lodging, restaurants and how to access the beach, set on the Potomac River looking out at the Chesapeake Bay.

Fireworks are shot by professionals in pyrotechnics from the Municipal Pier. Access to the pier is closed off for public safety reasons until after the fireworks show.

The fireworks will begin shortly after 9 p.m. when the night ski is darkest. The show lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes depending on weather conditions. (rain or shine the show always goes on)

Expect to stay a while after the fireworks display has ended or be prepared to wait in traffic. People flock to the small town all day long and it takes a coordinated effort to help traffic navigate and exit the town.

There are numerous restaurants and pubs to enjoy the day and stay into the evening.

The town encourages folks to stay with friends or at one of the hotels, motels or B&B’s rather than drive home.


As always please be responsible. Don’t drink and drive. But if YOU choose to, the CBPD also has overnight accommodations for stubborn folks like you.

Happy 4th of July from Colonial Beach News.

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