Flooding And Warm Temps Affecting All Aquatic Life


It is very distressing to see dead fish along the beach when you want to take a leisurely stole or are planning a day of fun splashing around in the water. What can seem like hundreds of dead fish can be just a few random carcasses washed ashore.

Reports came into the news room of hundreds of dead fish peppering the beach front in Colonial Beach. However we walked the beach from Colonial Ave to the Municipal Pier and found no more than 8 carcasses. Some only containing the head and center bones as if it had been filleted and thrown overboard.

Warning some images may be graphic for some:

We spoke with a few beach goers who said they had buried two carcasses in the sand to help alleviate the smell. There was also reports of a duck who had been severely injured but we were unable to locate it. While talking on the beach we also got shots of a very large bloated fish floating in the water.

We went straight to the experts at the Potomac River Fisheries Commission and spoke with Executive Secretary Martin Gary.

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