Remembering Those Lost On 9-11-2001

The attack on American soil on 9-11 is remembered by so many people in so many ways.

We will never forget those who have lost their lives in this tragedy.

Lives were lost on 4 flights, at the World Trade Center including both Twin Towers and At the Pentigon.

Few first responders from that day are still alive since many died later of complications from injuries sustained during the search and rescue efforts.

Here is link to the list of all known losses from that day. lists those we have lost with the following notations:

American 11 – Am 11 – flew into the World Trade Center North Tower
American 77 – Am 77 – flew into the Pentagon
United 93 Un 93 – crashed in Pennsylvania
United 175 Un 175 – flew into the World Trade Center South Tower
“WTC” and “Ptn” refers to someone who was inside, or occupying, the World Trade Center or the Pentagon when their respective attacks occurred

“Dec” – Deceased; “E/R” – Emergency/Rescue Personnel; “Msg” – Missing; “Ptn” – Pentagon


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