Sustained wind speeds will be monitored during Hurricane Florence for potential high wind advisory notices and closings; 

Check 511Virginia for real-time bridge status updates

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will monitor sustained wind speeds on two major bridges connecting the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck during Hurricane Florence, and will post high wind advisory or bridge closure notices as required for motorist safety.

Sustained winds will be monitored on the Robert O. Norris Bridge, which carries Route 3 over the Rappahannock River between Lancaster and Middlesex counties, and on the Downing Bridge, which carries Route 360 traffic over the Rappahannock River between Richmond County and the Town of Tappahannock in Essex County.

Travelers can find real-time information on high wind advisory notices or closures for either bridge on 511Virginia. Message boards have already been staged at multiple locations on major routes leading to both bridges to communicate any advisory or closure status.

High Wind Advisory

When sustained winds reach 30 mph over a period of 15 minutes at the Norris Bridge or Downing Bridge, VDOT will post a high wind advisory notice. High-profile vehicles such as tractor-trailers, box trucks, and large vans and SUVs are advised to not cross these bridges when a high wind advisory is posted.

Bridge Closure

When sustained winds reach 40 mph at the Norris Bridge and Downing Bridge, or there are frequent wind gusts of 45 mph or greater, VDOT crews will post a bridge closure notice. Notices will be communicated through VDOT news releases, VDOT social media platforms, posted on message boards staged at the bridges, and on 511Virginia. However, bridges will not be physically barricaded. VDOT personnel will seek shelter once sustained winds reach 40 mph.

VDOT press release. Image provided by VDOT


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