When Will Metered Water Billing Begin?

By Linda Farneth
Colonial Beach Residents are not the only ones who are wondering when water meter data will be available to them.  Councilman Stephen Cirbee asked if residents will have access to the data, showing their average water usage, before the use-per-gallon-billing is implemented.    
  Cirbee’s is concerned that residents will not be able to calculate their usage and may be hit with a huge surprise when water begins to be billed by the gallon, something Cirbee doesn’t want to see happen. Cirbee wants residents to be able to “forecast their budget.” 
  At the November 15, 2018 meeting, Town Manager Quinn Robertson reported that the water meter project is moving forward. “We have made contact with the original company that was hired two years ago, we are back in discussion, we’ve reached out to them to set rates.” 

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