Part 2: Review Of Proposed Pier Lease Agreements Postponed Until January

Discussions on the proposed Pier Lease Agreement took up the better part of an hour during the December Colonial Beach Town Council work session. Councilman Steve Cirbee was very frustrated and felt that council comments had not been considered in revision of the agreement. Cirbee brought up several key points he felt made the Lease Agreement counterproductive to both the town and pier owners.

When Planning and Zoning Administrator Allyson Finchum introduced the proposed lease agreement she told council that attorney James Cornwell said a corresponding ordinance was not needed. So Finchum did not present a revised ordinance with the proposed lease agreement.

For a look at some of the items in the proposed lease agreement click here for part 1.

Cirbee disagreed, he said the town needs a lease but also needs to keep an ordinance in place. “I think we have the cart before the horse.”

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