Morning Coffee Report 01-10-2019


Bundle the kids up today!

Yesterday was predicted to be sunny but it was pretty cloudy and dreary with all the wind, so although tomorrow’s forecast shows sunny skies, we won’t hold out too much hope.

It will most likely be cold, windy and chilly tomorrow. Wake up to a balmy 29 degrees and mostly clear skies. (clearing throat in disbelief) Temperatures are predicted to rise into the 30’s and even reach 40 by 3 p.m. We recommend some scarfs, hats and maybe some long-johns for those going to spend significant amount of time outside tomorrow.

Expect gusty winds throughout the day reaching about 21 mph at times. Hang on to your hats were in for a blow! Friday wake up to 26 degrees, make sure you have antifreeze in your cars and those pipes are wrapped.

Folks Winter is officially here!


The Public Works Department will be picking Christmas trees up on January 11, 2019
This will be the only day that Christmas trees are picked up.
Please have your tree out by 7:00am on Friday, January 11, 2019
Public works will be closed Friday Jan 18th. Friday collection day will be on Thursday, Jan 17th.

The next scheduled yard debris pick up will be from January 29 through February 2 and will be on your normal trash pick up day.



Trucks will apply a salt brine solution to Interstate 95 travel lanes and ramps in the Fredericksburg area between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 10

Check out all the VDOT Hot Spots for the second week of 2019.


(New) Officer Karl Wendell Honored For His Service To Colonial Beach Schools

Two Car Head On Collision Leaves Two Drivers Seriously Injured

The Seeber Tradition of Serving Continues

VSP Seeking Public’s Help with Finding Fatal Smyth County Hit & Run Suspect


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