Snow Watch Begins

We will be bringing you important news and announcements to help you prepare for any snow we may be getting. When you see the picture above it is your clue that new information has come in concerning the effects of snow on the Colonial Beach and surrounding areas as well as traffic updates and safety updates.

We hope what ever amount of snow we get is enjoyable rather than inconvenient or worse yet, dangerous.

Preparing ahead will help make this winter storm much easier to cope with. Officials can offer suggestions and updates but only you can properly determine what needs you should anticipate. Make sure your daily prescriptions are filled, you have proper medical supplies needed to get you through a few days and of course stock up on needed items from the grocery store.

Currently Food Lion is reported to be very busy. Thanks to one of our supporters, Kathy Flanagan, for that report.

We love having updates for our readers, so keep them coming. You can send us a private message, comment on posts or email us with any info you would like us to share.

Don’t hesitate to share photos as well, with a brief description, location and who took the photo so we can give credit where credit is due.

That being said here is our first Official update from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.

Stay warm everyone.

P.S. These updates are being funded by our supporters. Thank you to our Patrons.


Read the report from VDEM here. (Open to the public)


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