Polar Vortex or Apocalypse?

By Linda Farneth

An apocalypse is defined as either the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation or an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.

So why is the Polar Vortex splitting into three, being likened to that of an apocalypse event? Is it really that devastating?

The answer is a resounding no, but to hear news agenies report about it, you would think it’s time to dig a bunker, load it with supplies and hunker down expecting the worse.

The Washington Post reports in bold type; “The polar vortex has fractured, and the eastern U.S. faces a punishing stretch of winter weather

The story begins by saying, “The swirling winds tens of thousands of feet high in the sky above the Arctic — the dreaded polar vortex — broke apart into three parts to ring in 2019. Now the eastern half of the United States is about to feel the consequences. “

The Chicago Tribune tells people not to panic with the following headline, “Don’t panic, but the polar vortex will soon have an impact on Chicago’s winter”.

Seriously when has “Don’t panic” followed by “but” ever given you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside?

I could go on all day with the headlines but it would be redundant.

So what exactly is this dreaded “Polar Vortex” and why does it “fracturing” cause news agency’s to put in a splash of drama?

To answer the first question we found a really good, short, Youtube Video that does such a great job of explaining just what the Polar Vortex is.

What is the Polar Vortex by Met Office – Weather

So now we have a bit of an idea what the Polar Vortex is and how it acts in relation to weather patterns. But this doesn’t explain what happens when the Polar Vortex “fractures”.

Has this ever happened before? Well yes as a matter of fact it happened last year in February of 2018 affecting mostly the UK. Although in 2018 the vortex only broke into two sections, what happens is very similar.

So here is a video posted on February 25th 2018 explaining the 2018 Vortex split.

When the Arctic sky splits apart by Simon Clark.

Now granted the terminology may be slightly different but the concept is the same. So, will we get really cold winter weather? Most likely.

Will it be shockingly cold? Considering the moderate temperatures we’ve been having this winter up until now, yes it may seem like a big shock.

Will it be catastrophic? No, unless you are referring to your electric bill.

I hope I have helped clear up what the Polar Vortex is and how it splitting, affects the weather patterns.

Bundle up with a good book and enjoy the winter-wonderland about to happen.

Washington Post Article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/01/15/polar-vortex-has-fractured-eastern-us-faces-punishing-stretch-winter-weather-just-underway/?utm_term=.52b3e1912437

Chicago Tribune Article: https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/weather/ct-met-winter-weather-polar-vortex-chicago-20190117-story.html


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