Motorists are encouraged to check 511Virginia before starting a trip to see real-time road conditions in their area; Plan to use additional caution or adjust travel plans as needed
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. – Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) crews will mobilize at midnight to prepare for potentially icy road conditions Tuesday morning in the Fredericksburg District.
Rain, wet pavement and freezing temperatures may combine to create slick, hazardous road conditions during the overnight hours and the morning commute.
VDOT crews will patrol roads for icy surfaces and slick spots, and will apply sand and salt as needed to reduce icing and improve traction. Crews will focus first on Interstate 95, primary and high-volume secondary roads, as well as VDOT Park & Ride commuter lots.
Drivers are urged to monitor news and weather sources closely, and check 511Virginia before starting a trip. Motorists should plan to use additional caution if driving, and prepare to delay travel if road conditions become hazardous.
Later Tuesday, additional rain and snow may lead to icy road conditions during the afternoon and evening commute. Road conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout the day due to below-freezing temperatures.
What Residents Should Know:
  • Drivers should be alert and use caution on roads that appear wet, as ice may have formed.
  • Icy conditions occur first on bridges, overpasses and ramps. Slick road conditions are also more likely to be present in shaded areas, and along hills, curves, and secondary roads carrying light traffic.
  • Road conditions may worsen throughout the day Tuesday due to changing weather conditions.
  • VDOT crews will continue working 24 hours a day, in 12-hour shifts, to spread sand, salt and treatment materials until all roads are safe for travel.

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