33 Bricks From Away From Goal For Torrey Smith Rec- Center

By Linda Farneth

The sidewalks and slabs are poured but the mud persists. While the contractor waits for the ground to dry out Steve Swope is continuing to collect for the rest of the amenities planned for the Torrey Smith Rec- Center.

Steve Swope reported on February 15, 2019, “Our #RecPark has all concrete slabs poured, the builder is now down to waiting on the grounds to dry up in order to finish up the grading, landscaping and fencing!”

This is such good news considering Mother Nature has been really crabby this year dumping precipitation on Colonial Beach for what seems like 4 out of every 7 days a week since last summer. (Don’t quote me on that average it’s just a guess!)

Over $100,000.00 has been collected to date from citizens and businesses and Torrey Smith has committed to almost $200,000.00 for the project. However the fundraising is not finished. The group working to create this park has pushed forward to make sure the courts are usable by the summer, however they would love to have all the work done as soon as possible. It’s hard to go back to a project and add extra features after the site is open to the public.

Swope said, “We are still fundraising for the Pavilion, Playground and renovation of the old building for restrooms…currently, we have 267 of our projected goal of 300 commemorative bricks for the entrance to our beautiful facility!”

That means there are 33 bricks left to sell. But I’m sure surpassing that goal wouldn’t be a problem for the engineer.


Swope is anticipating a completion date in the end of April and the group is planning a big celebration in the form of a community day for everyone at the Grand Opening being scheduled for sometime in May.

Stay tuned for more updates as they are available and plan to join in the celebration.

In the words of Coach Swope, “Come be a part of CB history and have your family name etched in stone for life #DrifterPride

Donations can be made online at http://colonialbeachfoundation.org, or by mailing your check payable to Colonial Beach Foundation to PO Box 375, Colonial Beach VA 22443. Your donations through the CBF are tax-deductible as within the limits of State & Federal Law and IRS Code 501(c)(3).

Check out the video of the ground breaking ceremony back in November.

Photo courtesy of Steve Swope.

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