Council Still Struggling With Revisions To Pier Agreement

By Linda Farneth

For over two years, revisions to the pier ordinance, have been off and on the council’s agenda and have been reviewed but never approved by many council members.

The current council members revisited the issue at their February 6 work session. After discussions the pier ordinance and pier lease agreement continue to be a daunting tasks for staff and council members.

The issue was discussed by the council at their December meeting but was postponed until January since three of the seven members would be replaced due to the November election. Councilman Burkett Lyburn’s term ended in January and he did not choose to rerun for his seat. Councilmen Phil Rogers and Bill Dellar lost the election in November. These three members were replaced by Robin Schick, Viki Roberson and Patrick Ey.

Part 1: Review Of Proposed Pier Lease Agreements Postponed Until January

Part 2: Review Of Proposed Pier Lease Agreements Postponed Until January

At the Feb 6 work session, Vice Mayor Robin Schick, who chaired the meeting, said she wanted the council to focus more on the wording of the lease agreement and the contract itself.

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