CBCF Announces Intentions To Take Over Radio Station

By Linda Farneth

A permit was issued by the Federal Communications Commission to operate WWER FM 88.1 on November 3, 2009. The station was operated by Fredericksburg Christian Schools. Recently they offered to transfer the license to another non-profit organization in Colonial Beach.

Planning Commissioner Eric Nelson, who is also active in the Colonial Beach Community Foundation posted the CBCF’s intentions to look into the opportunity and called for volunteers to come forward to lend a hand.

Nelson wrote in a plea for volunteers on Nextdoor Colonial Beach, “In general, there is enthusiasm for the idea, but it would only be plausible if someone in the community with a keen interest in broadcasting would step forward on a volunteer basis to help manage the operation.”

Nelson announced this week, “We just had a Board meeting of the Colonial Beach Community Foundation and it was approved to move forward with accepting the radio license. From now until there is an organized effort to manage the process. Ted Tait will be shepherding this effort. Please direct any questions or suggestions to him. Thank you everyone for all your enthusiasm. I am sure this will be a very successful endeavor and benefit the community.”

Trait introduced himself on the thread…

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