Severe Weather Outlook For Sunday night through Monday Morning

Severe Weather Outlook For Sunday night through Monday Morning

Colonial Beach News Weather Edition

We are looking at some chance of severe weather overnight on Sunday night through early Monday morning.

There will be a large front moving through at between midnight and 3 a.m.

Colonial Beach will have a medium risk of tornadoes. This does not indicate what type of tornado may hit, only that there is a 50% chance of experiencing one or more tornadoes during this system.

Damaging winds are a medium risk as well, winds are expected early in the evening beginning around 6 p.m. and can gust up to 50 mph.

We have a 40% chance of hail with this system as well, producing between a nickle to quarter size chunks.

There is a chance we will see more winds behind the storm later on Monday so stayed tuned to your weather stations for wind advisories for Monday afternoon as well.

Temperatures may drop during the storm to as low as the 30’s but should return to the 50’s by later on Monday.

Denver’s Weather Forecast Saturday Night April 13

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