Sunday Tidbits

Sunday Tidbits

Colonial Beach News


Potomac River Festival 2019

The theme for this years Potomac River Festival “There’s No Place Like Home” Features red glittered Flip Flops.

WWER FM 88.1

Colonial Beach Radio Station WWER

Member of Colonial Beach Foundation, Eric Nelson gave a brief update on the Radio Station WWER…

Joyce Reimherr On Downtown Colonial Beach

Joyce said the Osprey Festival went very well and actually made money…

For more on the Osprey Festival click here.

Downtown Colonial Beach is now launching their “Paint The Town Red” Campaign in which they urge all businesses and residents to plant red geraniums.

Reason For Proposed Water And Sewer Increase

State and Federal mandates require localities

Purpose Of Water And Sewer Increase, To Create Contingency Fund

Councilman Stephen Cirbee Airs Concerns Over Maintenance For Community Projects

Councilman Stephen Cirbee said, “We’ve had a lot of fundraising going on…

Get the full scoop on all the news…

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