I Want To Get Growing Again!

Garden Log 5-10-19

I’ve always loved growing my own tomatoes. I’ve tried other edible plants and only succeeded with a few types of herbs and tomatoes.

What plants did survive, did so just out of pure dumb luck! So this year I decided to keep a log of my efforts and my results. I’m hoping this will help me to understand what works and doesn’t for me.

Now you can come along for the ride if you wish or you can skip this little blog. It’s totally up to you. I thought I’d share with you since I have the time and the space on my site.

Before I begin I’d like to reference a video I came across, you know I can’t do anything without a bunch of research and what better way to research than watching a video?

Good Gardening Advice: 4 Reasons All My Seedlings Died from Living Traditions Homestead.

This should help you realize not everyone succeeds and failing is nothing to be ashamed of. Failing is simply a great opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

If you take this journey with me remember a few things:

  • I am by no means an expert, just a newbie starting out from basically scratch!
  • I am planting in Colonial Beach Virginia. My soil and weather conditions may not be the same as yours!
  • I can’t guarantee you will have the same success or failures as me!
  • Any video links I post other than my own are not my sponsors. Just videos I found helpful and wanted to share.
  • This blog is for pure entertainment. I make no claims and take no liability for anything you do!

Now that that is out of the way. Let the learning and planting begin.

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