Are Colonial Beach Citizens Ready For A Reputable All-Digital, Subscription Supported News Site?

Did you know there’s an all digital news-site for Colonial Beach?

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What if you could experience daily and breaking local news in a totally unique way, would that be worth 17 cents a day? A news site dedicated to the news of Colonial Beach first before that of county, state or national news is available for just $5 a month. With Colonial Beach News you can receive news anywhere, in the comfort of your own home, on the go, while out shopping, during your lunch break or while on vacation.

Colonial Beach News combines my written journalistic style with interactive features such as photos, video’s, podcasts and links to other articles with more information, to bring a more complete picture of the news of Colonial Beach.

You may remember my work from the Journal Press.

I’ve also written for brief stints for the Westmoreland News, dating as far back as the 1980’s when I was the paper’s photographer sweating away two days a week in their darkroom and occasionally writing feature stories for only a by line under the name Linda Gast.

I’ve been reporting locally for various newspapers in the Colonial Beach area since 2008.

Newspapers have editors, creditors and advertisers, all of whom can influence what is and isn’t printed in the paper.

I wanted to break free from the main stream media and provide unique unbiased articles about the town I live in, so I have created Colonial Beach News.

Linda Farneth

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I produce and charge for, what a typical weekly paper would provide, minus the advertisements, but I deliver it on a daily basis.
Through digital platforms I can bring breaking news and eliminate the need for advertisements, to bring a cleaner more engaging news experience to my readers.

How we report the news:

It’s easy to get caught up in the big stories, those that the public are drawn to because they provide shock and awe. But just reporting shock and awe can have devastating consequences to the readers. Once a story is read it can’t be unread. Shock and awe can leave the public scared, misinformed or even downright angry.

Of course follow ups can alleviate fears, include facts that were not available previously and help calm the public when missing data has caused an outrage. However the fact is, stumbling on a follow-up article is pure chance unless you are subscribed to that publication, even so there’s a chance subscribers may miss the follow-up.

At Colonial Beach News it is important to keep the public informed on all events, but our breaking news stories won’t go out if they leave the public with any negative emotions that would be detrimental to citizens.

If loved ones have not been informed of death resulting from an accident or crime, we will not give any details that will leave citizens fearing their loved may be involved.

When news is BREAKING, the most important aspect of covering accidents and crimes is how will it affect the citizens in the surrounding area.

In a car accident all the public needs to know immediately is; Will I need to take an alternate route and is the road shut down? In a fire; will the flames spread to my home or will the fumes be toxic to breathe and should I avoid the area if I live nearby? In a crime; is there a danger to others in the public or should I look out for an escaped suspect who’s armed and dangerous? In alleged abductions the victim and perpetrator’s physical descriptions are more important to disseminate, in order to help police locate them, than the circumstances of the crime.

Once rescue personnel have done their job, families have been notified and police officials have had time to investigate then the extended reporting can begin and lead to follow up articles.

Colonial Beach News utilizes several platforms to disseminate the news to its citizens. Our parent site is This is your gateway and quick reference to the latest articles posted and a great way to search for past articles.

All of our stories are dual posted to This is our subscription site where you can sign up to get access to the full version of all journalistic articles. Public Service Announcements, contributing articles from schools, churches and other non profits are open to the public on both sites, but are all included in the Patreon subscription site to make it easier for subscribers to get all of their news in one place. As a subscriber you can access news in two ways, through the Patreon site directly and delivered right to your email.

Colonial Beach News will preserve their integrity by delivering truthful, unbiased news to all of its citizens. Likewise we strive to preserve the integrity of the community by not allowing news that will incite violence or hatred among their readers. We will disseminate news without the influence of government or advertisers, also leaving out personal opinions.

If you’re ready, click here to subscribe!

© Colonial Beach News

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