Shopping Spree

Garden Log 5-16-19

It may seem silly to get excited over a small dollar store purchase like this but a new pair of gloves and knee pad can really make gardening a joy. Well it makes gardening a lot easier, watching new life shoot up and bear fruit that you can eat fresh off the vine is what really brings joy to most gardeners, at least to this one!

So I got these really great leather gloves for only $3 and they are just as good as the name brand hardware stores! Even though garden gloves get quite a work out from me, they usually last me at least two to three years.

My son threw me his credit card and asked me to pick up some soda’s for him while I was out and get whatever I wanted. I rarely take him up on that offer but this was an additional Mother’s Day Gift. Ya that’s what I’ll tell him.

Actually I think I did really well, the potting soil was $2.50, amended a little with my compost it will be great for starting my seedlings. The seed packets were .50 cents each so it’s like buying a lottery ticket. I can dream about what I’m going to do with all those veggies and if I don’t win anything at least I have the memories. (((((giggle)))))

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