Mother Nature Knows Me

Garden Log 6-5-19

Mother Nature Knows Me

Mother Nature seems to know me well. She knows, I’ve fallen behind on yard work and that I’m slow to recover my territory from the evil vine monster who lives next to me in the vacant unkempt lot!

She also knows I want to plant radishes, so like me, she is being sluggish about bringing summer on in totality. I’ve actually enjoyed this extended spring like weather that has kept the nights chilly and the days slightly warm but breezy, making yard work much easier for this old bird.

I know I have mentioned that I have a lot of work to reclaim my yard and undo the neglect of the last few years.

I have been productive. Well as productive as someone with my ailments can be. According to my son I’m doing an amazing job. I’ll take all the compliments I can get. I promise I’ll post before and after pics so you can really see the challenge I have been facing.

Embarrassment has kept me from posting before pics. I want people to focus on the finished work once it is complete.

On Monday I accomplished a lot, trimming and mowing the entire front and side yards. I even managed to knock back a big portion of the vines that are encroaching on my front side yard with the weed eater. I love those things, they are great for taming jungles.

I’m posting some before and after of the front yard.


Front Yard

(still needs work)

Yesterday I moved back into the back yard, this is the worst of my yard challenge.

Planting Update:

My tomatoes in cups are doing well. I really need to transplant them. I’m still working out the details of how to compost.

I need to bite the bullet and buy a pitch fork. It would make composting so much easier. But right now it’s not in the cards.

For now bamboo, rakes and shovels work.

Today is an inside day, since I’ll be covering a meeting later this evening.

Thanks for stopping by and following my misadventures in gardening.


  1. Composting is all about balance. No chemicals needed other than a compost starter mix. If you feel it necessary. Layer of brown to green. No food, oil, dairy.


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