Time To Take Action

Garden Log 6-11-19

These last few days of constant rain has gotten me down. While waiting for the rain to stop I totally neglected my tomato seedlings and lost one of the solo cups. I’m nursing it along but I have little hope they will recover. I left them out of the picture below.

Anyway the ones that are doing well are brimming over and need some dirt added to their long stems. I’m ready to start hardening them, so I can plant them.

Tomato seedlings 6-11

Those of you who have followed along know I’m working to fill a raised planter bed I made a few weeks ago. My plan was to fill it with leaves, grass cutting and table scraps and place containers over the compost for this summer. The idea is to allow nature to take over and hopefully by next summer I’ll be able to add a minimal amount of dirt to get the bed started.

But in the mean time I really can’t figure out a good way to arrange containers in the garden while turning all this compost. So I’ve decided this year to plant my tomato seedlings in the ground.

Here is the spot I have planned. The bed will be about 2 ½ feet wide and run along the bed to the left.

New bed before

Unfortunately this idea came to me about 45 minutes before the killer mosquitoes decided to come out for their afternoon feed. I got about a 2 ½ foot square tilled and weeded.

New bed after

Fortunately this area was once a garden so it will not take long to complete the tilling. Also the seeds need to be hardened so I’ll start with 45 minutes to an hour tomorrow and work up to longer and longer before I plant the seedlings in the ground.

This will give me plenty of time to prep the bed and install a support trellis for the tomatoes to hold onto.

I’ve already saved up my eggs for planting with the plants and I really can’t wait to get growing!

Happy Gardening!

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