Food Truck Ordinance Postponed To Ensure Fairness

Food Truck Ordinance Postponed To Ensure Fairness

By Linda Farneth

The Colonial Beach Planning Commission decided not to rush Article 7 to a public hearing because they want to ensure it is fair to operators, established restaurants and citizens.

Planning Commissioner Pam Tolsen said, “We studied this long and hard because we want to present the best ordinance we can for our town and our current businesses.”

The planning Commission urges citizens to come to the public hearing and voice their opinions. The date for the public hearing has not yet been set. The commission reviewed the document at their May meeting and suggested changes. The commission will review the revised article at the June 27th meeting. Then decide when to pass it to a public hearing.

The Discussion:

Colonial Beach Planning and Zoning Administrator Allyson Finchum reminded the commission what her task was. Finchum said, “The request was to provide an ordinance to allow food trucks to operate on private properties. The Planning Commission has decided they would like to allow in the RC, C1 and CR districts.”

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