Understanding Town’s Explanation Of Need For Water & Sewer Increase

Understanding Town’s Explanation Of Need For Water & Sewer Increase

By Linda Farneth

Colonial Beach staff and Town Council knew they were going to be up against some strong resistance to their recent proposed water and sewer increase during the public hearing on June 19. In anticipation of numerous questions regarding the proposed increase the town scheduled a presentation by Financial Advisor Gladys Gomez and another by Charlie Kassis and Edward Donahue of the consultant company, Municipal & Financial Services Group. However by time the public hearing started, almost 2 hours into the meeting, a majority of the audience had left the building.

Colonial Beach is proposing a 45.23% hike in water rates and a 22.22% increase in sewer rates.

Below you will find three charts listing each service’s current rates, the town’s proposed increase and the end rate, (if passed) in monthly, quarterly and yearly billing cycles…

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