Can’t Wait To Dance In The Rain

Garden Log 7-22-19

This hot weather left me worried that my tomatoes would not last through this heatwave. I painstakingly made sure that I watered daily and only at night. I also made sure that I did not get the leaves wet as they would surely steam to death in the sunlight.

What ever I did has worked, they seem to be in good shape. Aside from some bug damage which I’m hoping the plants will recover from they look like they have fared well and possibly gone into some state of hibernation.

I’m hoping the cool weather that is on the way will allow them to rejuvenate and spark the plants reproductive phase, allowing blossoms.

I was also sure my little green pepper seedlings would die, but they too seemed to go into a state of hibernation and I’m hoping they will perk up and start growing again.

Once the cool weather arrives and the rains subside I will be free to resume my yard work as I had planned on.

It’s hard to believe the year is more than half way over. I promise to be better prepared next growing season.

Well to all who have survived this heatwave I hope your gardens have fared well.

Happy gardening. I’m preparing to go dance in the rain. I might need bail money. 🙂

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