Expect lane closures, varying driving surfaces and potential delays on primary and secondary routes in Bowling Green and Port Royal for the next several weeks.

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is scheduled to begin road resurfacing improvements in the Town of Bowling Green and Town of Port Royal in Caroline County in August.
Drivers should anticipate lane closures, potential travel delays, and varying driving surfaces on primary and secondary routes in Bowling Green, and on secondary roads in Port Royal.
Daytime Road Resurfacing
Weather permitting, crews will begin daytime work in Bowling Green on Tuesday, Aug. 6. Work will be underway on Mondays through Fridays between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Access to residences and businesses will be maintained, but motorists can anticipate single-lane closures and one-way alternating traffic, directed by a flagging crew.
After approximately one week of work in Bowling Green, crews will move to Port Royal, where work will also be underway Mondays through Fridays, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Message boards are posted to notify drivers about the upcoming resurfacing work, along with temporary “No Parking” signs in some areas.
VDOT’s paving team is coordinating work with the Town of Bowling Green’s water line project, which is also underway.
The following routes in Bowling Green and Port Royal are scheduled to be resurfaced:
Bowling Green
  • Anderson Avenue
  • Alsop Lane
  • Butler Street
  • Cary Street
  • Cedar Lane
  • Coghill Street
  • County Street
  • Courthouse Lane
  • Davis Court
  • Dickinson Drive
  • Dorsey Lane
  • Elliot Drive
  • Ennis Street
  • Gill Street
  • Hoomes Circle
  • Lacy Lane
  • Lafayette Avenue
  • Lee Street
  • Martin Street
  • Maury Avenue                                                      
  • Meadow Lane
  • Milford Avenue
  • Oak Ridge Street
  • Roper Drive
  • Sunset Drive
  • Travis Street
  • Virginia Avenue
  • Wagon Wheel Lane
  • White Street
Port Royal
  •  Back Street
  • Caroline Street
  • Cumberland Street
  • Frederick Street
  • King Street
  • Market Street
  • Middle Street
  • Water Street
This work is part of a multi-phase resurfacing project that includes a cape seal application.
Cape seal is designed to improve the condition of the road, extend the life of the pavement and prevent further deterioration. When complete, the road surface will have a uniform color and appearance that will cover previous pothole repairs and cracking. Motorists will have a skid-resistant travel surface.
After the first phase of cape seal work is complete in early-to-mid August, crews will return approximately two weeks later to sweep any remaining sand and gravel from streets that has not dissipated from wind and vehicle traffic. After the roads have been cleared of sand and gravel, a final travel surface will be applied.
Overnight Paving Work
Several primary roads in the Bowling Green area of Caroline County will be resurfaced starting in August. Milling and paving on primary routes is estimated to begin on the evening of Sunday, Aug. 18.
Overnight paving is scheduled at the following locations as part of this work:
  • Route 2/Main Street at Route 207/W. Broaduss Avenue
  • Route 301/Bowling Green Bypass at Route 1 Business
  • Route 301 at Route 2/N. Main Street and Route 301/A.P. Hill Boulevard
  • Route 301/Bowling Green Bypass at Route 2/Main Street
  • Route 619 (Milford Street) at Route 207 (Rogers Clark Boulevard and Route 301 (Bowling Green Bypass)

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