CFO Colleen Teal Resigns

CFO Colleen Teal Resigns

By Linda Farneth

After only five months, Colonial Beach’s Newest Chief Financial Officer, Colleen Teal formally announced her resignation in a letter dated January 21, 2020. Teal indicated that February 3rd would be her last day. Teal gave no explanation for her resignation but wished “the Town of Colonial Beach success in its future endeavors.”

However in a response letter to Teal, Town Manager Quinn Robertson informed her that it is the policy of the financial department “that once an employee turns in their resignation, they can no longer access or handle any financial transactions”

Robertson informed Teal in a letter responding to her resignation and dated that same day, In light of this policy, “your last day in the office will be today, January 21, 2020 and you will be compensated through that date.”

Teal’s resignation will be formally accepted by the Town Council during their January work session scheduled for Saturday January 25, 2020 by resolution stating, “Colleen Teal has submitted her resignation on January 25, 2020, effective in two weeks.”

The Council will also vote on a resolution at the Saturday work session to appoint Lisa Okes (described as “a highly qualified individual”) as the new Chief Financial Officer.

Teal has served as Chief Financial Officer since August 21, 2019.

This resignation comes roughly two weeks after an emergency meeting called by Vice Mayor, Robin Schick and another council member, Patrick Ey, raising some suspicions and fostering rumors as to what the meeting was about.

Emergency Council Meeting Sparks Speculation

The emergency meeting was called on to order and the council promptly went into closed session where they remained for the entirety, except for a few minutes when they reconvened in open session and certified only authorized discussions took place, then adjourned.

There are no clues so far as to the reason for Teals resignation, but one thing is certain, Colonial Beach Town Hall has seen quite a bit of turn over in the last few years and many resignations have been given with no explanation.

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