Cold And Dreary Day

Garden Log 1-28-20

I have no idea what the temperature is outside or the humidity levels. I do know that there is virtually no wind or breeze and it seems cloudy. I also know that despite my heating system (which is a hodgepodge of electric wall and space heaters) it is one dreary day.

I’ve tried eating, drinking warm fluids and curling up in a good housecoat but it still is chilly to me and the sun is shining, but just not as brightly as it could be.

I’m sure those neglected dirty windows don’t help bring much brightness in, but it’s more than that.

I guess we all have days like this, maybe I’m the only one. But today just feels like a gloomy day and I have no explanation as to why it feels this way.

My first thought is to curl up in bed, turn some Netflix on really low and try to take a nap. But instead I think I will nudge my self to make some jewelry.

Did I tell you I make jewelry? Well I do. I combine the traditional jewelry supplies with nautical items. Beads and shells with creative wire wrapping are my specialty. But I can turn any object into a pendant for a necklace with some wire and a pair pliers.

Hopefully I haven’t brought you down too, but if I have here are some images of cute little ducklings to hopefully brighten your day.

Happy gardening!

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