Ground Hog Day on Superbowl Sunday

Well folks, both Ground Hog Day and Superbowl Sunday on the same day! Who’d have thought?

For a day when Punxsutawney Phill has predicted an early spring it sure is a gloomy looking one in Colonial Beach. But it has to be, for Phill NOT to see his shadow. If the sun was shining we would have a prediction of 6 more weeks of winter.

Regardless now that the hoopla of Phill is past us we are focused on the Superbowl.

Just because YOU may be one of the ones not planning to watch doesn’t mean you don’t have it on your mind! You do! You are looking for alternatives if you have a spouse planning to watch. You are looking at the starting time (by the way kick off is at 6:30 p.m. here on the East Coast) so you can avoid the crowds if you plan to go grocery shopping.

No doubt many restaurants and bars across the country, state, county and Colonial Beach are planning to have a Superbowl party to cash in on the profits. So should you go or not? Well if the thought of watching the Superbowl alone bothers you, then by all means go out and take advantage of the gatherings in your area. But remember if you plan to add alcohol to your celebration be sure to arrange for a sober ride home.

Because like the restaurants, law enforcement will cash in on Superbowl Sunday for drunk driving fines. But let’s be realistic, Police would rather not have to, they want to watch the game as much as you do, but they also have an obligation to keep our streets safe. So be sure to thank a police officer today for his work on Superbowl Sunday.

As for me I will be working on this week’s news stories and celebrating my moms birthday.

If you want to join in and celebrate with her, go to her page and give her a some birthday love. She is turning 84 today. Olga Farneth Artist Don’t forget to like and follow her page to be updated on any new work she produces for sale.

Everyone enjoy the early spring and the big game!

Linda Farneth Creator and Editor of Colonial Beach News.

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