Foundation Reporting Reveals $1.1 Million Worth Of Volunteer Hours Last Year

New President Eric Nelson delivered his first report as president for the Colonial Beach Foundation.

First, Eric recognized former president Dr. Peter Fahrney which gained him a standing ovation from meeting attendees.

Eric put in a plug for their upcoming fundraiser. On February 14 the Foundation will host a Chocolate and Wine Parring Event at the community center to raise money for the foundation. For the Love of Chocolate and Wine

Event Details:

Friday, February 14, 2020 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Colonial Beach Community Center. Tickets are $40/person or $70/couple and can be purchased at Coldwell Banker Elite during regular business hours or online at: Wine and Chocolate tickets

Eric reported that the Foundation plans to move Cinema On The Green to Town Hill.

Previously Cinema on the green was an event held at the community center located on the point. A movie was projected outside and people were encouraged to gather sitting on blankets, lawn chairs or in their golf carts to watch the movie. Movies are shown the first Saturday of the month. (weather permitting)

Eric also announced the Foundation is working on a fundraiser for October featuring a Coming Out Party/Gala event. During the October event the Foundation plans to give out 3 of their new awards for the first time. The award categories include; beautification, cultural enrichment and community well-being.

We will update you on this event as more information becomes available.

Eric was tasked with writing the annual reports for the Foundation, in doing so he calculated the number of combined volunteer hours worked by members and helpers of the foundation.

Eric is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Artist’s Guild so he wanted to tally other organizational volunteer hours. So far he has counted the following;

  • Foundation hours: 6,900 (valued at about $200,000)
  • Chamber hours: 28,000 (valued at about $800,000)
  • Total of NGO’s not including first responders. Hours: 42,000 (valued at over 1.1 million dollars)

“So when we talk about volunteers making this town go round that’s what we are talking about.”

Nelson closed by introducing Stephen Kennedy who is part of an initiative to form a committee called CB Green Space.

The group has three board members, George Nelson, Andrea Clement and Stephen Kennedy.

Kennedy said they are hoping to have a junior or senior from the Colonial Beach High School to sit on the board each year to ensure a younger point of view in the group and give the younger generation a voice.

The group is seeking 501 3-C status.

Kennedy said their mission statement explains what the group is trying to accomplish.

Mission Statement: We will observe, identify and maintain green spaces here in our town, for the health of our town, our citizens and the environment.

Kennedy said they will work with best practices to preserve the town’s green space.

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