Westmoreland County Supervisor’s Report

Westmoreland County Supervisor’s Report

Tim Trivett presented his first report as Fifth District Westmoreland County Supervisor, at the January Town Council Meeting .

Trivett commended the council for their list of goals and objectives. The council spent over 7 hours in a Saturday meeting reviewing those goals.

“It’s something you can measure and then the town knows what’s going on. I think it’s better for everybody!” Trivett suggested however that the council consider reviewing next year’s goals and objectives in a couple of meetings.

Trivett reported that Westmoreland County is finally getting an extra digital radio tower online which will greatly improve radio communications for first responders on this side of the county.

An appeal was made by Trivett, to the council, to send letters with him to the next county meeting to help facilitate getting an additional paid crew in the rescue squad. Trivett said he will meet with the town manager before the next supervisor’s meeting and he encouraged the council to utilize him to send messages about anything.

The turnaround time for a rescue squad call here in Colonial Beach is average 3 hours when the patient is transported to the hospital. So more squad personnel are needed.

“This is my first meeting to be with you. I’m looking so forward to the next four years.” Trivett told council not to hesitate to call with any needs the council wants to present to the supervisors. Trivett said “ I will be there with you, right by your side.”

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