First Identified Cases of Covid19 in KG Announced Today


March 27, 2020

The Rappahannock Area Health District (RAHD) has confirmed that a King George County resident has tested positive for COVID-19. The individual is at home and is under quarantine.

In addition, the RAHD has completed its notification of every individual who has been identified as a close contact to the patient. These persons also have been advised to self-isolate and will be in regular communication with the Virginia Department of Health.

King George County has also been informed of a second confirmed case in our community. We currently do not have information regarding the incident at this time. As of the publishing of this notice, the RAHD is performing tracing efforts to gain more details regarding this situation. Please note that the health district will not release personal identifying information to the general public.

In response to these cases, King George County is progressing in its Continuity of Operation Plan. This includes ramping up our Emergency Operations Center from limited to scaled operations. In addition, we are aggressively pressing the Virginia Department of Health to provide the County faster and more robust information to monitor and mitigate community spread in our County.

Please note that the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 testing capabilities have increased; however, there is still a 6 – 8 day lag between testing and obtaining lab results. Once this time gap is overcome, we have no doubt that our community will experience what some will believe to be a “surge” in confirmed cases. However, it is important that we understand that these cases are already here and it is going to the take the effort of our whole community to defeat the spreading of this illness.

To help our County in this fight, please closely adhere to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines that include hygiene recommendations; and more importantly, employing social distancing as method to prevent community spread. Additional CDC guidelines can be found here:

In the interim, another public notice will be published as we gain more details.



County Administrator

King George County

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