Editorial – Stop Tromping on Trump

Stop Tromping on Trump

By Linda Farneth

As a Trump Supporter I always knew he was gruff sometimes and even outspoken when it comes to personal attacks against him. He’s always been more about working than politics and has moved this country forward to become more industrially independent and keep more money here at home than abroad.

Now in the wake of a pandemic everyone needs someone to blame. Psychologically if we don’t blame someone we lose the sense of control that mentally protects us from dealing with something that is out of our control.

Trump has always tried to offer hope to the American people, but he has followed the advice of his Corona Virus task force.

Now that a few people in the Northern Neck have reported contracting the virus some people want to bash Trump!

You know he is a leader not a doctor. While he follows the advice of the doctors he continues to try to spread hope and aspirations of getting back to normal, now a few weak minded Republicans want to jump ship! If you’re switching sides then announce it, embrace it and move over. Don’t tell me you’re going to stay a republican and not support Trump because he didn’t wave a magic wand and make this Corona Virus all go away.

As the president he is doing the best he can in matters of the pandemic. In matters of the presidency he is still doing his job. In matters of the pandemic he is deferring to his advisors, yet the media continues to ask him for medical advice while pointing out he is not a medical expert. That’s right he is NOT a medical expert, he’s a presidential expert. Medical advice is not always going to have economics in the equation.

Other leaders are also struggling. No one knew what was coming, everyone is doing the best they can. Stop lashing out at leaders or your neighbors, let’s just accept what we can not control and continue to do what we can to get through this mess and get back to living.

It’s Trump’s job to balance the medical advice with the economical side to ensure that the U.S. doesn’t come out of this pandemic with a third world economy! If you think you can do better, by all means run for president!

Photo Source: Whitehouse.gov- President Donald J. Trump signs documents to provide economic relief to Americans impacted by the Corona virus.

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