Robin Grove Park Still Going to the Dogs!

Robin Grove Park Still Going to the Dogs!

Roughly one year after The Colonial Beach Planning Commission had asked the Town Council to officially designate property to be used for a dog park Rivah Dogs is a few steps closer to converting Robin Grove Park to a Dog Park.

Planning Commission Vice Chair, Pam Tolsen asked the council at their July 2019 meeting, to review a transmittal letter outlining their request to; support the creation of and designate a piece of property for the development of, a dog park. As a result of their efforts the seated council at the time voted to allow the use of Robin Grove to create a dedicated space were dogs can run off-leash and socialize with other dogs.

Rivah Dogs is a non-profit organization dedicated to dogs and their owners. Their mission statement reads, “Our Mission is to Make Colonial Beach a more Dog Friendly and Dog Safe Town”

The group has raised money for and implemented a number of initiatives to help dogs and their owners enjoy Colonial Beach without causing any negative impacts or ill will on the community or the environment.

Doggy Waste Stations are just one of the ways Rivah Dogs is helping to keep the town clean while allowing dogs to walk their owners every day without scorns and dirty looks from the neighborhood cats and their humans.

Rivah Dogs also organizes several fund-raising events each year designed to get dog owners together and lets dogs catch up on the latest leash, vest, ugly sweaters and other K-9 apparel trends without having to howl across the neighborhood at night.

The latest project, a dog park at Robin Grove, when finished will allow dogs to run freely in a fenced in area allowing them to enjoy socializing while their owners sit by quietly. The park will cut down on human anxiety allowing the dogs to stop worrying about their owners and get on with more relaxing activities such as chasing tails and sniffing butts.

The fencing will feature a transitional section where dogs can unleash their owners and get them settled and calm before entering the main area to meet and greet with their K-9 friends.

Rivah Dogs can always use a leg up, so if you would like to donate go to

Donate online to Rivah Dogs.

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