Virginia State Police Warn Road Conditions Will Deteriorate

Public Relations Director Corinne N. Geller reminds motorists that temperatures will drop overnight leaving road especially slick. “Those roads that may have been only wet and/or slushy earlier today will freeze overnight and remain slick into the early morning hours of Monday.”
Virginia State police are still advising folks to hold off on their travels until later Monday or even possibly Tuesday, depending on what their region has experienced in the way of snow, freezing rain, and ice.
From 12 a.m. Sunday (Jan. 31) through 9 p.m. Sunday (Jan. 31), Virginia State Police have responded to 362 traffic crashes and 321 disabled/stuck vehicles. The majority of the traffic crashes have involved only damage to vehicles and few serious injuries.
Richmond Division: 71 Disabled Vehicles & 117 Traffic CrashesCulpeper Division: 30 Disabled Vehicles & 31 Traffic Crashes

Appomattox Division: 41 Disabled Vehicles & 39 Traffic Crashes

Wytheville Division: 39 Disabled Vehicles & 19 Traffic Crashes

Chesapeake Division: 47 Disabled Vehicles & 60 Traffic Crashes

Salem Division: 49 Disabled Vehicles & 52 Traffic Crashes

Fairfax Division: 44 Disabled Vehicles & 46 Traffic Crashes

As of 9 p.m., state police are currently on scene of traffic crashes and disabled vehicles.
If you must travel, please practice the following safe traffic tips:
•   Make sure all windows and lights are clear of snow before heading out.
•   Always buckle up – driver and all passengers.
•   Drive distraction free – put down the phone and coffee, and keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
•   Slow speed for conditions.
•   Use headlights to increase your visibility and to help other drivers see you better.
•   Share the road responsibly with VDOT vehicles and emergency vehicles
– Bridges ice over first.

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