Morning Coffee Report February 10 – 2021

Morning Coffee Report February 10 – 2021

I know this report is a bit late for a coffee report but hey “Covid 19” and the “new norm”. That’s my new procrastination excuse.

Honestly I told you these reports would be laid back and relaxed!

One thing that may not help you relax or for some may be a welcome change is the winter weather storm coming our way. If you haven’t heard about it click here —->>> Snow and Sleet Expected between Wednesday Evening to Friday Morning.

To find local weather all the time just search @cbvawx on facebook.



The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation have some exciting projects in the works to expand rail transportation in Virginia. Director Jennifer Mitchell has sent out the Virginia DRPT report. It can be accessed by clicking here. ——->>>> DRPT Newshub- Winter 2021



And finally Virginia Department of Health Launches COVIDWISE Express as Additional Tool to Boost Exposure Notifications.


Essentially Covidwise is a voluntary app that the VDH launched last year. And it was voluntary to download and sign up for.

Now VDH has expanded Covidwise to an Express version. It will utilize the over 900,000 users in Virginia to alert anyone with an I phone if they have come in close proximity to someone who has voluntarily and anonymously reported positive for covid in the past.

Here’s what the article said about this feature:

“COVIDWISE Express, which is available in both English and Spanish, will work solely on iPhones that have not installed COVIDWISE. When an iPhone user enables Exposure Logging on their smartphone, their device will automatically use the app-less experience, if the user hasn’t already downloaded COVIDWISE.  The Express version of COVIDWISE works by communicating with a test verification server and the national key server at specific times, all while protecting the user’s privacy and location data. Android users, and iPhone users who already have the app, will continue to use COVIDWISE.”

Click the link above to get the full report from the VDH website.

Stay safe and warm. Although I don’t anticipate any power outages during this upcoming storm, it never hurts to be prepared. Be sure to have plenty of medicines on hand, and you know the usual TP, Milk and bread. Be sure to have some cookies to dip in that milk and some peanut butter and jelly for that bread. As for the TP, I won’t go there!

Wear your mask, social distance, Stay Positive and Test Negative!


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