Westmoreland Planning Commission Recommends BOS Deny Special Permit to Colonial Beach Dragway

The Colonial Beach Drag-strip requested a special permit to allow for an event for an estimated 1000 attendees. The Westmoreland County Planning Commission held a public hear on April 5, 2021 to decide what recommendation they will send to the Westmoreland Board of Supervisors.

Several speakers spoke out against the special permit.

Complaints included that attendees are allowed on the track with alcoholic beverages, attendees camp out and don’t leave when the event is supposed to stop.

Loud music has played until all hours of the evening and the music contains foul language being piped over loud speakers.

Traffic includes back ups, safety concerns and speeding.

One resident who lives near the track said that he was not allowed to enjoy his holiday weekend because of the noise.

Carey Geddes who lives across the street said this track has run all year long and they pose great safety risks.

He sited an incident he said happened recently. The racers ran backwards on the track which caused a safety concern because there is no Jersey wall between the track and long field road.

He said an accident occurred and a bystander was struck.

Geddes claims the track has put in a dirt track for bike racing, a black top for drifting and he asked “What’s next a tractor pull? This is a drag-strip.” Geddes said, “They don’t care.

No one from the Raceway showed up to the meeting to answer questions.

The planning Commission members decided that in absence of a parking plan or explanation of how they are going to adhere to the rules and general safety issues demonstrated by the public comment, a motion would be made to recommend the BOS obtain answers to these questions or deny the permit.

The motion was passed by unanimous vote.

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