Am I The Only One Who Jumps When These Pop

I swear it doesn’t matter how old I get or how many of these I make, I always jump when the container pops.

Is it just me or do you get this jumpy making biscuits?

I also am one of those people who read the directions, throw away the container and then pull it back out of the trash to reread!

With biscuits I’m always trying to piece together the wrapper to reread the time and temperature.

Luckily someone in design got smart with these biscuits and made the package open in a way that allows us to reread the instructions without having to piece together the wrapper after pealing!

How I garnish my biscuits depends solely on the time of day or what meal mood I’m in. Mornings, it’s definitely butter and honey. No doubt about that. If I don’t have honey then some jelly or jam will do.

Biscuits and gravy are good any time of day, but the the gravy is based again on the type of meal you are eating. There’s sausage gravy, chicken gravy, beef gravy and the list goes on. Me I’m more of a no gravy biscuit connoisseur.

Regardless as a single eater, I definitely know how versatile biscuits can be. But this morning it was all about a quick morning snack to break my fast!

Happy Appetite!




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