Dodson Developments Under Way – Construction Begins

Construction has started on School Hill Townes of Colonial Beach.

After much planning and negotiations with the town, the first of a four-phased project by Dodson Development Group, has began construction. The company held a small ground breaking ceremony on August 21, 2021. Here is a video provided by Mayor Robin Schick.


Dodson’s projects will no doubt change the landscape of Colonial Beach but the company has promised to do everything they can to retain the small town charm of “Playground on the Potomac”.

The Town Council of Colonial Beach has approved the sale of 12 real estate parcels to Dodson Development for $2.7 million.

Phase One involves building a total of 23, three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom detached homes and townhouses at the corner of Wilder and Douglas avenues, adjacent to Town Hall. The community will include a pool and picnic area, with prices in the upper-$300s.


The first 13 units will be 4 bedrooms with 2.5 bath. They are expected to be completed between late 2021 and early 2022. Construction on the next 10 units will begin in late 2021.

The birth of these negotiations between the town and Dodson Development Group can be attributed to Former Town Manager Quinn Robertson who began discussing the idea of redevelopment with Owner Duke Dodson some years ago. Robertson was following up on the town’s promotional activities touting it’s virtues as a River and Boating Destination for surrounding metropolitan areas like D.C., and Richmond. Robertson said the town’s goal was to attract investors but still keep the “charm and quaintness that defines us.”

The hope is to create not only new dwellings, but to also create news jobs, attract new businesses, provided more lodging for visitors, more shopping and more recreational activities.

If successful this in turn will generate various extra tax revenues for the town.


Phase II renovates three existing office and retail spaces downtown, phase III builds 36 waterfront mixed-use space and Phase IV establishes a boutique hotel at Wilder Ave. and Beach Terrace, adjacent to Riverboat on the Potomac.

Dodson has promised to donate $5,000.00 to Downtown Colonial Beach during each phase of the project totaling $20,000.00 on completion.

These funds are intended to be used to promote tourism, preserve historical locations and go towards beautifying the town.


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