Bad Luck For School Buses In Chesterfield County

These last few weeks are turning out to be bad for school buses in Chesterfield County.

Yesterday a domino style crash involving two cars and a bus left a few bent fenders but luckily no students were hurt and a few weeks earlier someone stole catalytic converters from buses in the school yard.

According to the Chesterfield County Police Department There was three-car crash on Wednesday September 8. Luckily no students were injured.

One car hit a second car which was behind the bus. The impact caused the second car to lunge forward hitting the rear of the school bus. 

The Chesterfield Police did not share any more information. However they had this message for motorists, “We just want to remind you that driving should be the main focus when you’re behind the steering wheel. Everything else can wait, otherwise, you should park safely to handle it.”

Drive safely; everyone on the road is depending on you.


The next incident involves the theft of school bus catalytic converters.

I’m really not sure if school bus catalytic converters are in high demand but I would imagine that is not a thing you see on E-bay very often.

Who steals school bus catalytic converters? Apparently this guy…

Chesterfield police say this guy was caught on surveillance stealing catalytic converters from school buses at Carver Middle School on 8/28. (No one needed that obstacle at the start of the school year!)  

  The silver hatchback vehicle pictured was also caught on surveillance.  

Do you know him?  

If so please contact Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights Crime Solvers with any anonymous tips at


Source and photos: Chesterfield County Public Schools Virginia Department of Transportation and VirginiaDMV

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