Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad At Risk Of Being Dismantled According to Squad Members.

UPDATE: Fifth District Supervisor Tim Trivett Sr. has responded on Social media to the overwhelming support shown by residents. See his response below.

The Colonial Beach Rescue Squad has been making pleas through facebook for residents to support the Colonial Beach Volunteer Squad. Colonial Beach, although a small town, makes up one-fifth of the population of Westmoreland County. The county does support a rescue squad in Oak Grove, however that station is almost 20 miles from the town. Removing the station in Colonial Beach would make it difficult for members here in Colonial Beach to continue to volunteer their service according to members.

Below if their request for help from citizens to take action in support, either by showing up to the next Board of Supervisor’s meeting or by email or calling their Supervisor.

Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad at Risk of Being Dismantled: Residents Urged to Attend Westmoreland County Meeting to Voice Concerns, Show Support

For more than 72 years, the Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad has responded quickly, efficiently and professionally caring for residents and visitors subjected to swimming dangers, boating accidents, hurricanes, and other weather and water safety crises. The Squad is onsite for every one of the Town’s year-round events and school sporting events. When residents require emergency services, or suffer cardiac arrest, mental illness or physical injuries, the Rescue Squad is able to respond in life-saving minutes, far faster than the next nearest squad located as far as twenty minutes away in Oak Grove.

It is alarming, then, that the Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors is proposing to dismantle the non-profit Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. The Board will discuss the proposal at a special County Supervisors meeting on April 22. Concerned residents are encouraged to attend the meeting, held at 5 pm, at George D. English, Sr. Memorial Building, 111 Polk Street, in Montross, to voice their support for the Rescue Squad.

“The safety of our citizens is first and foremost. The density and population age of our residents make it unfathomable to consider a complete elimination of rescue services within Town limits. A gap in service in the furthest corner of the county will have a life-threatening impact,” fumed Mayor Robin Schick for Colonial Beach, VA. “Westmoreland County is responsible for finding a resolution that locates and maintains emergency response that ensures the safety of the most heavily populated district in the entire Northern Neck.”

An active and visible part of the community, Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad’s twenty-three active members and one junior, currently undergoing full EMT training, respond to an average of 750 calls per year and participate in continuing education opportunities for EMS professionals. An additional eight juniors and six support members provide administrative services, host CPR and first aid classes, collect donations for the needy and hold fundraisers to support the Squad, including a current drive to help fund a new building.

“The Town of Colonial Beach is actively working with the local volunteer squad, which plans to build a new facility on Colonial Avenue that could properly house a hybrid volunteer staff and paid staff provided by Westmoreland County Emergency Services. But under the threat of dissolvement, it will require broad citizen and county supervisor support to hope for any ambulatory and rescue services within town limits,” concluded the Mayor.


If you would like to send an email or call one of the Supervisors here is a list.

Darryl E. Fisher, Chairman

Election District #1

1520 Nomini Hall Road

Hague, VA 22469



W. W. Hynson, Vice Chairman

Election District #4

436 Thompson Circle

Colonial Beach, VA 22443



Russ Culver

Election District #2

88 Stern Way

Montross, VA 22520



Dorothy Dickerson Tate

Election District #3

10400 Kings Highway

Montross, VA 22520



Timothy J. Trivett

Election District #5

3407 Wakefield St.

Colonial Beach, VA 22443

(540) 846-0777



Westmoreland County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting

April 22. 2022 at 5 pm. Located at the George D. English, Sr. Memorial Building, 111 Polk Street, in Montross,

Fifth District Supervisor Tim Trivett Sr. Responds on Social Media

Thank you to all of you that have called, emailed and sent me text messages. It is overwhelming the support shown by our citizens for the CBVRS and What so many of our town residents have on their mind. We could each share our own personal stories and the impact at one time or another in our lives where the CBVRS has been there and made the difference between life or death. The volunteers have served our community well!!

The county administrator requested a private meeting with the board of directors from the rescue squad and two board members, myself and Woody Hynson to discuss the squads certification. The private meeting is now a public meeting so more than two BOS members can be present. The scheduled public meeting is at 5:00 p.m. on Friday 4-22-22 in Montross at the George D. English building. I can assure you I am available and working directly with the CBVRS to get to the bottom of what’s occurred and will fully represent public safety and the feelings the residents of our town have shared with me. Depending on the results of the meeting on Friday, I believe we should consider a town hall meeting at the school to fully inform the public of the facts.

Tim Trivett

Cover Photo: Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad

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