Some King George Residents And Business Without Water During Repairs

Residents of Kings Highway from Rectory Lane to Indian Town Road:

The Board of Directors of KGC Service Authority have directed staff to inform all of our customers of a situation that is occurring in the Courthouse/Arnold’s Corner Water System.

There is a small private water system that obtains water from this system.

There is a major leak on this private system that is compromising our system. They have no way to isolate this leak. Staff has been assisting the contractor to slow down the flow of water in order for the repair to be made.

This major leak is affecting the Service Authority’s Groundwater Withdrawal Permit with the large amount of water that is leaking from this break.

Staff will be turning off the water to a limited amount of customers including the connections on the small private system.

The area affected is from Rectory Lane to Indiantown Road intersection on Kings Highway. Homes and businesses between the two intersections will be without water service this morning during the repair for a brief period of time.

Please be assured that this activity is vital to protect the Courthouse/Arnold’s Corner Water System.

Thank you for your patience,

King George County Service Authority General Manager. Christopher Miller.

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