Sunday Noon Weekly Recap:

Sunday Noon Weekly Recap:
Jul 15 at 12:48pm
NOTE:  Every Sunday we will recap the stories for the previous week. Since this is our first installment we will recap from July 1.   Due to technical difficulties this first installment is late. In the future you can expect Sunday Noon Weekly Recaps to be posted AT NOON.


July 15 Edition

July literally started with a bang. This year’s 4th of July fireworks were enjoyed by record crowds who gathered along the riverfront beginning first thing in the morning on Wednesday.

By 2 p.m. Law enforcement were putting out the word that all parking “in town” had been filled.

Visitors were encouraged to park in the School’s parking lot and by evening to park in the shopping centers’ parking lots.

Mother Nature was kind this year, providing a slight breeze and holding back the rain this year.

Get the full Recap here:

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