Projects in Colonial Beach Help Keep the River Clean

Numbered Streets Project 1

Infrastructural Projects completed in the last 10 years not only make life easier for residents, but many of the sewer upgrades, including inflow and infiltration control, contribute to keeping the Potomac River and its tributaries cleaner.

Since 2007 Colonial Beach has been undergoing continuous infrastructural work right below citizens feet. Unfortunately many citizens don’t even know it has taken place.

In 2008 Colonial Beach completed a one million dollar project, replacing and enlarging water lines along Monroe Bay Ave on the Point.

In 2008 the town began an 8.7 million dollar project to upgrade the Waste-water Treatment Plant. The plant is located on Route 205 across from Potomac Beach. Six million dollars of the project was paid for by grant funds. A $2.7 million dollars interest free loan funded the remainder of the cost. The project was completed in 2009.

Colonial Beach was one of the first localities in Virginia to upgrade its Waste Water Treatment Plant using Ultra Violet rays to complete the filtration process and reduce nitrogen and phosphorous pollutants in waterways that lead to the Chesapeake Bay.

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